Azulik at Riviera Maya


15 luxury villas in wood with a spectacular ocean view ... Ideal for couples on honeymoon or seeking a peaceful and romantic. Azulik in Tulum is unlike any place that has been before. Get ready for a different accommodation.

Azulik at Riviera Maya

Cabanas Copal

8 eco-tourist cabins by the sea, ideal for travelers who enjoy a rustic and ecological hotel in a natural environment. Cabanas Copal in Tulum it deviate from the known locations to a true alternative vacation experience in our rustic ecological hotel with candlelight. Our cabins are immersed in the rainforest, along the Caribbean Sea.

Maya Spa wellness center

Spa specializing in holistic therapies Maya Tulum.

A journey to the center of oneself.

Just an hour and a half from Cancun.

Maya Spa is like being in another world. The tranquility, the candlelight and the various pleasures it offers, enhance our senses.

Relax and breathe the fresh sea air, your feet sink into the white sand, enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean.

It is the perfect tropical retreat to stimulate the senses and immerse yourself in the pursuit of wisdom of the body. Discover a new world through the daily sessions of yoga or lucid dreaming courses. Purify your body with our indigenous sweat and our natural foods. Feel the energy and stay fit while you enjoy: swimming in the sea, snorkel in the caves and kayaking on the coral reef.

Maya Spa is a paradise within paradise, a world dedicated to the welfare of the body and mind in the unique beach of Tulum.

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