About EcotulumA place to discover.

EcoTulum is a concept that goes beyond geography and time. We have a vision and a philosophy of life we ​​want to convey in our resorts through our services. All united by the same principle: to provide physical and spiritual harmony, leading to a universal level.


Our History

As every person has his way, EcoTulum has run its course.

EcoTulum born in the spring of 1998 with the first four cabanas of Cabanas Copal. In July 2003, Azulik, with the first five villas, began a new concept which led to the opening of another ten villas in December of that year.

Maya Spa began with its first therapeutic massage at Copal in January 2003, gradually expanding to its current facilities in the three hotels.

Tulum, Mexico luxury adventures with bare feet.

With its white sand beaches, the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and the emerald green of the tropical jungle, Tulum is the ideal destination for travelers. The resorts Ecotulum deviate from the known locations to a real vacation alternatives in our rustic hotels at the seaside, in the Riviera Maya.

Tired of all-inclusive crowded?

Then get ready for a different holiday in Ecotulum. Imagine the Caribbean Sea and the murmur of the waves lulling you to sleep at night. Wake up in a cabin by the sea, without electricity or telephones, hearing the birds singing. Start your day with yoga classes in our palapa in the jungle or swim in the sea.

Relax in our Maya Spa or enjoy a massage in your room. When inspiration comes, you will discover what is best to stimulate their senses through the experience.


Holistic spa specializing in Mayan therapy

The spirit of the Maya Spa is to return to the tradition and wisdom of the Maya, who knew how to use local elements to heal and improve body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Our commitment and our values

EcoTulum operates in a truly globalized world and recognizes the importance of diversity, of understanding individual ways of working and how to achieve outstanding results complement.

Our mission, which is the charm and harmonize our guests, is what makes us unique that's why we call ourselves the 'charming'. EcoTulum has created an environment where people with energy, creativity and commitment work together to achieve ambitious targets and work with the highest values ​​of professional integrity. The staff at your workplace, share the concept of a tribe who works on everyday tasks with the same values.


Charm and harmonize our guests.


Growing up as a tribe, in harmony with the environment, as leaders of charm in the world.


Love, Passion, Courage, Positive Attitude, Honesty, Justice..


15 luxury villas in wood with a spectacular ocean view ... Ideal for couples on honeymoon or seeking a peaceful and romantic. Azulik in Tulum is unlike any place that has been before. Get ready for a different accommodation.

Maya Spa wellness center

Spa specializing in holistic therapies Maya Tulum.

A journey to the center of oneself.

Just an hour and a half from Cancun.

Maya Spa is like being in another world. The tranquility, the candlelight and the various pleasures it offers, enhance our senses.

Relax and breathe the fresh sea air, your feet sink into the white sand, enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean.

It is the perfect tropical retreat to stimulate the senses and immerse yourself in the pursuit of wisdom of the body. Discover a new world through the daily sessions of yoga or lucid dreaming courses. Purify your body with our indigenous sweat and our natural foods. Feel the energy and stay fit while you enjoy: swimming in the sea, snorkel in the caves and kayaking on the coral reef.

Maya Spa is a paradise within paradise, a world dedicated to the welfare of the body and mind in the unique beach of Tulum.